Its time to do some rearranging!

1. cleaning out the kitchen cabinets
2. getting to baseball / soccer / basketball games
3. having that long awaited mani/pedi done
4. going to the dog park and giving your beloved dog a change to play with other dogs
5. taking the car in for a tune up
6. lettting the inside plants have a dose of fresh air
7. property cataloguing and inventory
8. celebrating grandchildrens birthdays

Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services are not just about activities of daily living. We are providing you with services that suit your everyday life style. For just a few hours…a whole day…once a week…or everyday, Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services is just a phone call away, (405) 415-3055.

Go to our website at to read more about how Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services can be your in-home senior concierge service you can be using for your loved one.

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