More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. Making your senior’s home safe and accessible allows them to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Four ways to prevent falls and fires and keep our seniors safe are sturdy furniture, easy reaching, safe walking and clearer vision.

Falls are the most common of home accidents with trips and slips. Fires are second in frequency of home accidents with burns, smoke and toxic fumes being major problems.
Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services can assist you with a Home Safety Assessment to make it easier for your loved one to navigate throughout their home. Here are a few things to notice as you are visiting or caregiving for your loved one;

1. Is there a rubber mat in the shower/tub?
2. Is there a grab bar by the toilet, outside and inside of the shower/tub?
3. Are light switches near every door?
4. Light in the hallway?
5. If your loved one has stairs is there a extended full length hand rall on both sides of the stairs and are the rails stand out for a good gripe?
6. Is the stove and sink area well lit?
7. Are food items and dishware reachable?
8. Is there a fire extinguisher or baking soda accessible to stove area?
9. Is living room area decluttered of newspapers, oversized furniture and is there a clear walking path to other rooms in the house?
10. Does your loved one have a flash light by their bedside?

Many injuries result from hazards that are easy to overlook, but also easy to fix. By spotting these hazards and taking some simple steps to correct them, many injuries might be prevented.

Let Guardian Angels be there to identify Home Safety issues to make your loved one is safe in their own home.

Go to our website at for more information about Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services or call (405) 415-3055.

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