Did you know that there is only one month before fall begins? Then here comings the holidays. Who’s ready? Have you finished the spring cleaning you intended to start just a few short months ago? Here’s a few ways to keep what you started added to your daily routine and keep that spring clean feeling longer.

An easy way to fight falling back into a routine of clutter is to simply pick up after yourself. Putting items away after using them like cleaning the kitchen immediately after a mess is made is so much easier than after food has had a chance to sit on dishes and become hard to deal with.

I’ve always liked this idea. Keep cleaning products accessible in a caboodle. I did this when my kids where younger. All of our cleaning products were in a caboodle that could be taken from room to room. It is much harder to convince yourself to clean something if you have to walk to another room and hunt for your cleaning supplies. If you can carry a caboodle with the tools necessary to keep rooms clean, then cleaning that room is a simpler and less intimidating to tackle. That makes it easier to clean frequently without it being a big production.

Assigning each room a cleaning day is another way to make cleaning less daunting, but who has time to clean a room a day? So straighten as you go every day, then each room will only need concentrated attention once a week or monthly. And Guardian Angels can help you with that monthly cleaning chore.

Guardian Angels Concierge Services can help you with keeping that spring clean routine you’ve already started. If the thought of cleaning, doing laundry, washing dishes or dinner grocery shopping after working a long hard day sounds like you wished you lived in a hotel with concierge services, Guardian Angels would love to help you. Let us take that list of chores and give you the gift of time.

Make cleaning and straightening a part of your routine. You’ll find that your house stays clean without even thinking about it. You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the rest of your summer and not have to worry about deep cleaning for the holidays.

For more information about Guardian Angels Concierge Services go to our website at or call us at 405-415-3055. Let Guardian Angels help you by being part of your cleaning routine.

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