Making the decision to either hire in-home care or placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is difficult to say the least. Talking is always the first step to take, but how do you start.

The first step would be to observe what’s going on in your loved one’s home. Then with your loved ones permission talk to their physician about what you’ve observed. Here are some of the issues to look for:

1. Do you see skin tears or bruising that could indicate falls or mobility issues?
2. Is there clutter of newspapers or accumulated mail around the living areas?
3. Are you finding expired medications or medications that have not been taken?
4. Is your loved one losing weight?
5. Has your loved one stopped combing/styling their hair or completing other personal hygiene?
6. Has there been a decline in the ability to drive?
7. Has your loved one withdrawn from church, social or community activities?
8. Are there odors coming from the refrigerator or pantries or the pantry is empty or void of nutritional foods?
9. Is your loved one depressed:
*Can’t sleep or sleeps too much?
*Can’t concentrate?
*Feeling hopeless or helpless?
*Decreased interest in meals?

It may not be time for a nursing home or assisted living facility, but it might be time for a little help. For just a few hours…a whole day…once a week…or everyday Guardian Angels can be there to assist your loved ones with just about anything they need. 9 out of 10 seniors today prefer to stay in their homes if at all possible. We’re here to help your loved continue to stay connected to their home, church, community and family.

If you would like more information about Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services please visit our website at or call us at 405-415-3055.

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