You know Mom needs a little help around the house, but just because she’s having a few problems doesn’t mean you have to move her somewhere else.
Take advantage of Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services. Our services could be all she needs to remain in her own familiar home.
Are you in a situation that you are caring for a loved one and just don’t know what to do? The decision to use Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services doesn’t have to be stressful.
Guardian Angels is a non-medical concierge service helping seniors with the daily activities they need to engage in to remain safe and healthy.
A Guardian Angel personal assistant can provide medication reminders and assistance with morning and bedtime routines. Light meal planning and preparation will assure the family that out dated or spoiled food isn’t being served.
We can also provide check in services for your loved one to make sure they are not staying in bed all day long, by continuing a suggested exercise plan from their physican, taking a walk outside, assisting with light gardening or taking a walk at the park. Even though many seniors have trouble walking or with balance issues dosen’t mean outside stimulation has to stop.
Getting out of the house, even if it’s just once a week is so important. Your loved ones personal assistant can assist with grocery shopping, doctor/dental visits, entertainment venues, or going out to eat at their favorite restaurant.
One of the most important needs of a senior who lives alone is often simple companionship. The companionship component of our service can be just as vital as the physical assistance that a professional would provide. Keeping your loved one engaged is very important. Reading, having devotionals together, crossword puzzles, games shows such as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune or just remenising are great avenues for keeping your loved ones mind alert.
If you are caring for a loved and it’s getting stressful for you, don’t stress out. Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services is just a phone call away!
If you would like more information about Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services please go to our website or call us at (405) 415-3055.

Guardian Angels at your service!

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