American Chocolate Week

Everyone has a sweet tooth of some sort.
The third week of March is “American Chocolate Week.”
Don’t get on the treadmill yet.
Eating chocolate everyday can be…healthy?!
Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services can be there to help.
Aging isn’t easy.
As we age, we find that some of life’s everyday tasks become harder to accomplish.
Things that we used to do with ease like planning, prepping and cooking are just not as easy anymore.
Just because a senior has difficulty performing some of these tasks or has trouble with their memory doesn’t mean they can’t live independently.
Guardian Angels can do the shopping for you and can assist you with light meal planning and cooking.
Our goal is to make you feel in control, satisfied and to lift the burden of tasks that have gotten harder for you to do.
Whether we’re advising you on the perfect gift for a family member, tracking up coming appointments or assisting you with kitchen duties, Guardian Angels is here to help in every way.
So,have your chocolate everyday and ask Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services to help you with your healthy cooking.
For more information on other Guardian Angels ~ Senior Concierge Services go to our website at or call us at (405) 415-3055.
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